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 White Horse Addiction Center, Inc. needs your  help. We are in the process of providing the  residential care for men and women to live free of  substances. We need people willing to support us  financially so we can move forward with our  mission to save men and women from addiction.

 White Horse Addiction Center, Inc. is a 501c3  charitable company. Your donations are tax  deductible.

 NH has over 120,000 people addicted, the  resources for men and women in this situation or  for families seeking help is limited. We need your  help financially so we can grow and become a  resource in the fight against addiction. The cost in  life and property is staggering. Join us and please  donate today.

 Call 603-301-0041 or 603-651-1441 

Mon-Fri  9 am - 5 pm

Sat 10 am - 3 pm  (Thrift Store only)


Please see Home Page for donating.

Thank you.

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 About Us

 Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services - We offer walk-in substance misuse  and substance use disorder treatment for men and women who are ages 18 or older. They can  receive individual and/or group therapy and may participate our Intensive Outpatient Program. 

 Recovery Support Center Services - "The Shed" - White Horse Addiction Center, Inc. provides a  place for substance misuse and substance use disorder resources, information, education and  support. We have recovery coaches and certified recovery support workers for peer to peer  support and/or care plan assistance. Limited transportation to substance use disorder treatment  and physician appointments is provided.

 Cottage Industries - Currently White Horse Addiction Center operates a Thrift Store and allows  those who have gone through treatment (or who are in recovery) to volunteer their time to help  others. All revenue is used to support the services here at White Horse. Eventually, we will  have other industries where folks can establish a firm grounding in society while working on  their stressors at work with trained support staff, before heading out on their own. 

 Withdrawal Management and 28 Day Residential Treatment​ - We are working diligently to  collaborate with a local hospital to establish this facility. We realize the dire need to have these  services in Carroll County and hope to provide this soon.


At this time, all programming is provided to folks 18 years of age and older in our Outpatient and Recovery Centers.  We service people, regardless of their ability to pay as well as their religion or belief.  We offer secular as well as pastoral care in both our Outpatient and Recovery Centers.  Our goal is to have a full continuum of care within the next 5 years.